Picturesque Bucharest - The Coltea Tower



  • Monuments
  • Postcards
  • 1919-1940
  • Paper
Historical Region:
  • Muntenia


Born in Iasi, Alexandru Poitevin-Skeletti comes from a French family whose name recalls the Poitou region situated in west-central France. There are not many biographical data about this painter, but his works indicate that he was living in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. He was one of the many Romanians who attended the arts academies in Paris, Poitevin having studied at the Julian Academy. Even though he mostly exhibited his works in France until 1910, he debuted in Romania in 1908, when some of his paintings were present in an art gallery organized by the Romanian Youth Society and were appreciated by Alexandru Bogdan-Pitesti. He was mostly an impressionist artist, who painted many touristic destinations, a subject popular in that epoch. Under the influence of the French Academy, he preferred Bretagne and Normandy so that in 1905-1906 he was painting the North Sea shores from Dieppe or Le Treport. In 1938, with the occasion of the celebration “Bucharest’s Month”, twenty of his engravings depicting Bucharest were published in an album called “Picturesque Bucharest”, edited under the aegis of Bucharest’s city hall.