About Imago Romaniae

Those who will “visit” our site will have the opportunity to discover a complex universe since Imago Romaniae is focused exhaustively on the IMAGE of Romania either real or imaginary. The time span covers the period between the end of the 13th century until 1945 (with the possibility to be expanded until the 1970’ or 1980’).

Imago Romaniae shows maps, lithographies, engravings, paintings, postcards or photos.

Imago Romaniae is going to highlight the photo collection, images from the books of the museum library as well as collections belonging to the National History Museum. It goes without saying that we are not going display only what we have “in our yard”. Institutions, both home and abroad, and private collectors will make valuable contributions.

As for the images, they can reveal us, for example, the foreigners’ thoughts and feelings when they visited locations and met the Romanians (if we take into consideration the maps, paintings and photos that are representative for the period between the 13th century and the first half of the 19th one). It is very interesting to see what the towns, villages, buildings, Romania’s infrastructure looked like 150, 100 or 50 years ago or where the Romanians used to go for “rest and treatment”. Those who will access our site will see for themselves how much things have changed and what has been left untouched on the Romanian territories throughout the latest hundreds of years.

Thus, the ones interested in getting information about the Romanian village may cast a curious glance accessing: The Village World; those attracted to urbanism are going to find a multitude of categories dedicated to the Romanian town: General Views, Institutions, Monuments, Streets and Avenues or even Hotels and Casinos. Those fond of maps are going to find extremely interesting documents clicking on MAPS. The sections dedicated to the important moments of the Romanian people’s history present either Wars or political, social or cultural events. Churches and Monasteries, Resorts, Residences or the Cultural Life has not been left aside.

Therefore, we are inviting you to make a fascinating imaginary journey in Romania’s picturesque past and to enrich it by making your own contributions.